The Jinglin' Geordie
22 Fleshmarket Close,
tel. 0131 225 2803

Bar Opening Hours
Mon & Tues 11am - 10pm
Wednesday 11am - 11pm
Thursday 11am - 1am
Friday 11am - 1am
Saturday 11am to 1am
Sunday 12.30pm - 8pm

Sundays available also for Private Hire for your party or event, please contact us for information
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The Jinglin' Geordie

Pub Sign
The Jinglin' Geordie, as the bar is correctly titled, is more affectionately known as "Jinglin-Geordies" or more simply as "Jinglin's" or "Geordie's" and is an old established bar in Fleshmarket Close between The High Street and Waverley Station. Nestling unobtrusively in the Close, its small frontage belies the actual size of the bar which extends to the right as far as the end of the building where it opens out to an area of comfortable fixed seating surrounded by traditional leaded windows. It has recently been refurbished to high standard providing more comfortable seating and a smart copper topped bar. The private smoking area to the rear has also been given a makeover. Being private, the smoking area also has tables and chairs for those wishing to drink al fresco.


The Bar, Entertainment and Facilities

View of the bar Entertainment. Currently this takes the form of the Open Mic night every Thursday evening from 8.00 to 12.00 and the very popular Karaoke every last Saturday of the month.

Pub Hire Private parties can hire the pub on Sunday nights. Contact us by phone or email for details.

Hot Snacks etc. We provide a small range of hot snacks, subject to availablity. Please check the blackboard and ask the staff for details.

Coffees & Teas. As well as the usual range of alcoholic and soft drinks we have a small range of coffees and tea as noted on the blackboard.

WiFi Free Wifi is available for customers use.   
View of bar Coffees Draught Beers & Ciders We normally carry one regular Cask Ale as well as one Guest Ale.

Bottled Beers & Ciders Check the notices on the bar for the current special Bottle Beer Offer.

Spirits Our 35ml measures are as close to the traditional quarter gill as makes no difference. See the Malt of the Moment for our current offer.

Shots A large selection of shots and cocktails always available.

Wine By the glass - 125ml, 175ml, 250ml or by the bottle.

Hot SnacksView of bar Products will vary. At the time of publishing we have the following :-
Cask Ales Deuchars IPA Kelburn Goldhops (Guest Ale, will vary)
Draught Beers Peroni, Stella Artois, Belhaven 80/-, Belhaven Best, Guinness, Dry Blackthorn & Tennents Lager.
Bottles Bacardi Breezer, WKD Blue, Kopparberg, Corona, Becks, Bud, Miller, Stella, Crabbies, Smirnoff Ice, Highland Spring, Magners, Budvar & Newcastle Brown Ale.
Spirits A very large range of top brands stocked.
Malts A selection of about 30 are available to choose from.
Wines Our range of wines varies from time to time, ask staff for details.
(Prices on boards correct at May 2011, may vary)
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Recent History

View of the bar We have long had an association with journalism, stemming from the days when the Scotsman offices had direct access into Fleshmarket Close before relocating along towards North Bridge. The now infamous photograph of George Best was taken in the bar. It is fair to say that the timing of the photograph may have been unfortunate. For more information about the background to this picture as reported in the Scotsman, click this link. There are other historical photographs of personalities and 'auld wurthies' dotted around the bar.


The History of Jinglin' Geordie, the man

View tables, seating and bar The bar is named after George Heriot (1563-1624), known as the “Jinglin’ Geordie”, a famous character from Edinburgh’s past.

George Heriot was the eldest son of a Goldsmith of the same name, who was descended from the Heriots of Traboun, a well renowned family from East Lothian. The date and place of George’s birth are not accurately known but he is believed to have been born in Edinburgh in June 1563. Goldsmiths were then, and for a long period, the principle money lenders in Scotland and were among the wealthy citizens of Edinburgh.

The young George Heriot learned his father’s trade and established his own business in a “buith” near St Giles Cathedral. He was admitted as member of the Incorporation of Goldsmiths in 1588 and in 1597 was appointed King James VI as Goldsmith to his Queen, Anne of Denmark.

In April 1601 he was made Jeweller and Goldsmith to James VI, with a right to all the profits and emoluments of that lucrative office. During this time of his life he laid the foundation of a fortune such as few Scotsmen attained in that age.

After the accession in 1603 of James to the English throne Heriot followed the court to London, where he resided permanently afterwards. As jeweller and Goldsmith at the Court of St James, he also attained eminence as a landowner and man of considerable substance.

Heriot died childless in London on 12th February 1624 and was buried in St Martin-in the-Firelds. After payment of considerable private legacies of about £6,826, he bequeathed the remainder of his estate for the purpose of founding in his native city a hospital for the upbringing and education of “ Puire fatherless bairns, friemenes sones of that Toune of Edinburgh”. His bequest amounted to some £23,625 10s 3d and represented a small fortune in those days. The hospital is now the famous George Heriots School.

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Correct Map Corrected Map
Note that at the time of producing the website, the Google map was incorrect in that it omitted the lower section of Fleshmarket Close between Market Street at Waverley Station and Cockburn Street. This resulted in the map pin being in the wrong place. Here we have provided a simple correction to the map until Google catches up.

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